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Changes reverting? Email send program

Question asked by 82f0e9e004b86b325df7250e858bb1c4f1125d5f on Apr 12, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2018 by Katia Piton

Has anyone else encountered instances of changes made to email programs reverting after the end-user has saved, and/or just not working? Some examples of what I am encountering


-Clone program; it carries a legacy "email 1." Create and change to new email 2, can't delete legacy email 1 (as though it is still in use...) - program ends up sending email 1


-Clone program; it carries a legacy token for calendar. Change to new subject, date, time, etc. Next day, all the info is back to the legacy cloned-from program.


-Editing email - change color on an element. Auto-save takes place, can see the new color in place. Edit another element, another auto-save...and the first element's color has reverted back to what it was before change.


-Editing email - trying to apply custom color by swapping hex code. Have done this many times before with no problem - enter new hex code, hit "apply" - and no change. Change works when "text decoration: color..." added to HTML. Why is this suddenly necessary/why is WISYWIG editor in Rich Text not working?


Yes, support case(s) open; no, not working with multiple tabs or multiple users. *VERY* curious if there are others in community who have experienced any of the above or similar issues.