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Lead Score Summed Upon Merge

Question asked by 2be0760f128de667aab5ba74bbe3be1717acbb10 on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Steven Vanderberg

Could someone please remind me of the current behavior for the current standard Lead Score field when merges occur. Back before Marketo had us replace the old Lead Score field with the one with the "mkto71_Lead_Score__c" api name, it was my understanding that upon merges, summed the values in the (old) Lead Score field. Marketo doesn't allow SFDC to update the new Lead Score field, so what happens upon merges? Is the Score still summed? And, if so, is it now Marketo that does so rather than SFDC?


Grégoire Michel or Sanford Whiteman - seems like one or both of you would likely know the answer here.


Thank you!



P.S. Grégoire Michel - Are you coming to Summit?