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    modifying form html

           Is there a way to actually modify the html of the forms that are created?  For example lets say I wanted to add an Id or change the class name or add a new attribute altogether.



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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Dan, I believe that you can do this on the page where your form resides. It isn't done directly in the form.
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            Kenny Elkington
            Hey Daniel,

            You cannot do this from directly within the form editor, but you can do this with the addition of some custom code.  Since Forms 2 loads asynchronously you'll need to use the whenReady event to make sure that the code executes correctly:

            $('#yourId').addClass('myClass myOtherClass'); //add a class
            $('#yourId').attr('yourAttribute', 'yourValue'); //add an attribute with a value

            Keep in mind that you can only have a single id per element, so overwriting this is not a good id, and can break form functionality.
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                   Thanks for that!  That worked.