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Understanding Results: Smart Campaign vs. Email Program

Question asked by 92504eb0ecb2f8e2a18262accad89413db0fa566 on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Dan Stevens.

Hello everyone,

To keep things simple: due to some turnover, I have inherited some Marketo responsibilities. I am most often sending email blasts, however... some of these require A/B subject line testing. Any clarification would be greatly helpful.


Email programs (the "mailbox" icon) allow for A/B testing and allow for you to add a local asset, such as an email list. The Program allows you to view the Dashboard, which includes a filter for an A/B test view, if you ran one. You can also change your view to the Control Panel, which seemingly houses the same settings one would create within a Smart Campaign. The Control Panel's "Audience" box has a 'view results' option (second screenshot below) ... which leads me to my next point.


Emails via Smart Campaigns (the "lightbulb" icon) have (1.) data readily available under the "Email" tab (i.e., Sent, Delivered, % delivered, % opened, % clicked, etc. etc.). and (2.) Compared to Email Programs, Smart Campaigns also have the same "data dump" metrics under a different "Results" tab. (See first image below)


My questions:

  • When should I be using a Smart Campaign versus an Email Program?
  • For Email Programs (and/or for A/B testing), how can I view results in the same way as a Smart Campaign? (Noted with #1)


smart campaign results.png


email program audience results.png