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GoToWebinar Attended Flow?

Question asked by Shelly Wilson on Apr 10, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Here there,


Just set up test webinar to see if I have everything integrating correctly: program/Event set up, linked to GTW Event, emails approved and campaigns activated. Invited & Registered into working correctly. However when I started broadcast on test webinar, checked that colleague was visible as attendee, and ended webinar, neither GTW nor Marketo are picking her up as Attended on dash/summary levels. In GTW History view and Report dash view it says 0 attended. When I download actual attendee report, however, I DO see her as attendee, so it did in fact capture the data. In Marketo, though, webinar event summary view it shows 0 attended.


So questions are:

–Do I need to set up a specific flow for Attended like I did for invite and registered stages? I'd assumed GTW pushed this info to Mkto

–Could this simply be a delay thing. It's been 30 mins since I ended the webinar, but I know things aren't always fast in Mkto