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To score and not to score...

Question asked by de901eb5267f9d648278aa66baed7e782141887f on Apr 6, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2018 by Lillian Huang

Hi guys,

We've got pretty standard scoring in Marketo - clicks, website visits, form submissions etc...but the problem I have now is that it treats everyone the same. This is fine for Prospects, but when we get a Customer (we sell SaaS), we also get Users of the software and we're starting to ramp up the number of emails we send to these Users. The issue is that they click links in those emails and they visit the website (some of them go there to get to a Login page), so they're always being scored the same as a prospect would and the mechanism that sends alerts into Salesforce and to the Sales team is the same. I could exclude them from all scoring because we have a flag on the Salesforce record that identifies them, but the problem is that we want them to be scored for some things, but not things like Onboarding email communications we don't want them to score if they click, but if we sent them a newsletter type email then we would.

Is there a way that I can pick and choose?

We started by excluding certain links in each of the scoring smart campaigns, but as the number of these comms increases this doesn't seem like a sustainable solution...


Any ideas are welcome - and I can't be the only one in this situation...