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    Nurture Campaign Logic

    Summer Kumar

      Hello, I am trying to set up a Nuture Campaign but having trouble setting it up.  I would help on setting up the smart list and flow for each stream.


      email logic(total 3 emails):

      For those that click or open #1, send email #2 48hrs later, doesnt fall on a weekend

      - For those who took no action on #1, send #2 one week later


      For those that click or open #2, send email #3 5 days later, not including weekends

      -For those who took no action on #1 or #2, send #3 in 7 days, not including weekends


      Thank you!


      Grégoire Michel

        • Re: Nurture Campaign Logic
          Mariah White

          Hi Summer,


          This would likely be accomplished easiest in individual smart campaigns (one for logic one, one for logic two) using wait steps for both scenarios, rather than in an Engagement Program. Both scenarios could use clicks and opens triggers, then further utilize advanced flow constraints to ensure the correct email gets sent. The wait step flow can also ensure that the end time occurs Monday through Friday.