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[Important] TODAY is the APRIL AMUG

Question asked by b24819e4c04c3c967739c3ad0a856d50466cbb15 on Apr 5, 2018

Hello Austin User Group!


Today is the the April AMUG. Looking forward to seeing each of you this evening! A few important things:

  • Please RSVP if you have not: AMUG Meetup April 2018 | Austin Marketo User Group (Austin, TX) | Meetup
  • Come hungry and thirsty!  I am having food and drink delivered from Specs. It's tasty and needs to be consumed!
  • We have a great speaker, Jill Ragsdale Ardaugh, from CA technologies giving an excellent MarTech talk.
  • It's Spring-themed meetup + I am a big Party City fan so I got some fun Spring decorations.
  • We have a fun marshmallow peep icebreaker. Come get to know your Austin Marketo peeps!
  • Get here at 6pm when doors open. If you want to get some volunteer hours in, feel free to come at 5pm if you want to come help us set up. We love our volunteers <3 and would not be able to operate at this scale without them.


As a reminder, a lot of hard work goes into planning and executing these meetups. Please come out and support us, and show us some love!  Networking with other Marketo users in your own background is invaluable and nothing beats engaging with people face-to-face.


I went to a meetup last week that was sponsoring for Austin meetup leaders to discuss successes and strategies on how to make an impact in community. Someone shared this quote with me that really hit home that I wanted to share.

"The more digital we get, the more ritual we need."


It's important to make it a habit to disconnect from your computer every once and a while and and make connections with people outside of your gadgets. Social interaction is in our DNA!  I encourage you to make it a habit to come out to our monthly meetups and engage with your community - we are a fun bunch!


So come on out tonight and get energized with our group's happy vibes tonight!