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    Suggested Path for Marketo University Learning Passport

    Megan Murray

      Hi there- my team just got access to the learning passports (The Learning Passport: Unlimited Marketo Training ). There are a lot of different classes, and no clear pathway or order suggestion. Can anyone recommend?

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          Ariel Sasso

          Hi Megan,


          I always recommend starting with Marketo Core Concepts as pictured below because this will start you on the basics of Marketo, or act as a refresher if you are getting back into a system.


          Then I would identify what are your priorities to learn. Is it landing page design? Lead routing? Using campaigns? What are your five goals on what you want to accomplish and by whom, them I would attend the training for that subject accordingly.


          Hope this helps!


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            Marketo University

            Hi Megan,


            Thank you for your interest in our courses!


            We highly recommend beginning with Core Concepts. This course covers the foundational content of how to use Marketo.


            From there we recommend planning your learning trajectory based on what you and your team are focused on achieving in Marketo. What is your role as a marketer in your organization?


            Our courses are tailored to teach users how to execute different capabilities, whether it be building out programs and campaigns, personalizing web content, managing events, etc. For example, Marketo administrators have found that “Configuring and Managing Marketo” is very helpful, while marketing practitioners are encouraged to take courses such as “Building Engagement Programs"  and “Optimizing Email Deliverability.”


            Let us know if you have any additional questions!


            Best regards,

            Marketo University