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    Marketo Salesforce Sync for Merged Existing Leads

    Arvind Raj



      Need Clarification - We have leads in Marketo and we are going to do a Sync with Salesforce. Salesforce fuctionality for our instance has "Email Address" or "Phone Number" as Unique Fields.


      We are using Marketo and Salesforce for a brief period and recently we decided to Sync(earlier we used to Manually import leads on daily basis from Marketo to Salesforce using uploaded).


      Criteria: If a lead abc1@lkj.com applies with phone number 123 and the same lead applies with another email address def@lkj.com(uses phone number 456) but when our Sales Rep speaks to them(comes to know that both are same lead) and merges the contact (based on email address that Contact has requested to use further and deletes the other email address) in Salesforce.


      After all the above mentioned activities we are starting Marketo Salesforce Sync, I would like to know the Sync actions that takes place - say contact has provided to use the email address "abc1@lkj.com"(the email address def@lkj.com was deleted after merging them). Both the email address "abc1@lkj.com" and "def@lkj.com" will be in Marketo(form data) and for "abc1@lkj.com" the status for "SFDC Is Deleted" will be False but wanted to know if the status will be SFDC Is Deleted=True for def@lkj.com.


      When we are doing Email campaigns, we want to send emails to Active email address(abc1@lkj.com in above mentioned scenario) and not to the Do Not Contact email address.



      Arvind. R

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Arvind,


          Rule #0: Marketo considers the email address as the unique ID for what comes from you marketing campaigns, but uses the SFDC ID as a unique ID for records that come from SFDC.

          Rule #1 (consequence of the Rule #0): every person record (leads or contacts) that are not deleted in Salesforce at the time you sync will be added to your Marketo instance. And in the future, if you create 2 records with the same email address in Salesforce, they will show up as duplicates in Marketo.

          Rule #2: on the 1st sync, Marketo will not deplicate anything between the persons that are already in Marketo (from previous imports or web activities) and the persons coming from Salesforce. This will result in lots of duplicates in Marketo. You should seriously consider deduplicating these immediately after the sync or will will create for yourself a lot of problems on the long term

          Rule #3: At any point in time after the initial sync, f you merge 2 leads, 2 contacts or a lead and a contact (through conversion) in Salesforce, they will also merge in Marketo automatically.

          Rule #4: when creating a smart list to shoot a campaign, if the same email address is present in the smart list twice, Marketo will only send the email once. It has it's own rules to decide which one it is using. Dan Stevens. wrote an excellent post here about this.



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