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GDPR Question: Any advise on how to handle reporting of deleted/opted-out EU leads?

Question asked by Shirleen Solares on Apr 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Seems like the biggest issue with GDPR is the fact that leads that DO NOT opt-in will need to be deleted from Marketo/CRM. That is going to affect our marketing reporting immensely. I know there is a feature request asking Marketo to create an "Anonymize Lead" field and flowstep by Gregoire (I've already voted up), but is Marketo really going to create that field before May 25? If not, how are you handling your reporting beginning May 25, 2018?


At first, my team was thinking of making sure we have our conversion goals set-up properly in Google Analytics so we can track form conversions through GA. But then we became unsure if we would be able to use the GA cookie if a lead also opts out of cookies. Does anyone know if GA tracking cookie would count under GDPR?


Any advice or examples would greatly be appreciated.