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    Scoring based on video content for Videos in Wistia

    Carrie St Clair

      We recently added Wistia and I need to set up scoring campaigns on each of our Marketo workspaces. (Our workspaces were set up based on our product lines, and we have lead scores for each of our products.) I understand that Wistia sends the name of the video and the percentage watched (played, 25%, 50% 75% and 100%) to Marketo, but aside from including a naming convention within the video name in Wistia, is there anything that comes over from Wistia where I can include this and then reference in a smart campaign?

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          Valerie Whiting

          HI Carrie St Clair -


          If I understand your questions correctly, when I set this up at a previous company we had our scoring campaigns looked roughly like the below (I can't remember the exact wording they use)



          Visits Web Page

          Web Page contains watched 25%


          This way if anyone watches the video at least 25% they will be scored. We had one trigger campaign built for 50% and one built for 100%.


          If you want to score for more than just one level,  keep in mind someone who watches 100% also will qualify for the 75, 50, 25, and played programs as well. So, keep that in mind when calculating how much to score for each category. I think we gave them 5 for 50% and 10 for 100% - so someone who watched the whole video would have a total of 15 points!


          I hope this helps!