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    Pre Populating form outside of Marketo Landing page

    Alex Peterson

      We're trying to pre-populate a Marketo hosted for on an external site using the app-sji connector to display the form on our site.


      We've noticed that when the same form is accessed from the marketo hosted domain and provided with a marketo token (mkt_tok=##MKT_TOK##) that the form will pre-populate with the users details. However we haven't been able to reproduce the same functionality from the app-sji hosted form even though the form is the same in both cases.


      Is it possible to pre-populate a form using the app-sji connector and the mkt_tok in the same manner as a marketo hosted form?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Embedded forms don't natively support Pre-Fill. This is well-explored here on the Community, but admittedly it's rather subtly addressed in the docs.


          Also, FYI... we don't use the term "connector" to refer to a form on a 3rd-party site, so to be widely understood it's better to say "embedded form." Also note embedded forms don't have to use the app-* domain; you're better off loading embeds from your LP domain in case browsers block *.marketo.com as part of tracking protection. (It's OK to avoid TP in this case because the browser's/plugin's goal is to block Munchkin, and that block will still be in effect.)