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Designing and import templates from Photoshop

Question asked by e0a1952df64032c8a8fe0dd61bbadf5629244314 on Apr 1, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Grégoire Michel

Hi there,

My company very soon is going to start using marketo and I'm the graphic designer that will have a few tasks on it.


On my previous job we used Adobe Business catalysts, mailchimp and dotmailer. I remember I could design the newsletters for example on Photoshop slicing into sections and then upload everything (html code and images) into those email marketing platforms. On Marketo I can see we can design or use the existing templates and basically just change the text or images, like the rest of the platforms. My questions are:


1. Can I design the newsletters on Photoshop and then upload everything (html & images) into Marketo knowing that will not be possible to edit?!

2. Can I design the newsletters on Photoshop with blank text boxes in certain sections of the newsletter so I can add on Marketo so the text could be editable?


Thank you,

Elson Castro