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Marketo Email Opt in with Salesforce Email Opt out checkbox

Question asked by f31109676cf94e892cc9f824e737e568a0460e70 on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Josh Hill

We are currently completing the GDPR tasks that were assigned to us and one of the tasks we are hung up on is regarding the Email Opt In checkbox we have on all of our landing pages. The opt in verbiage on the landing pages asks a user to check the box if they agree to receiving marketing emails from us.  The issue with this is that in Salesforce, the standard field we have is an "Email Opt Out" field.  Is it possible to set this up so that if someone checks the "Email Opt In" checkbox on our landing pages then the "Email Opt Out" box won't be checked in Salesforce?  And vice versa?