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Marketo - SFDC - Multiple LOBs

Question asked by f0e2e836eed0a1d7c92c80958f7434bcd0bcee13 on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by f0e2e836eed0a1d7c92c80958f7434bcd0bcee13

I have a new Marketo instance, and a new SFDC Lightening instance that are soon to be integrated. We have about 6 Lines of Business (Solutions) and a "Lead Queue" for each Solution within SFDC. At this time, solution is determined via data value change in Marketo when an action is taken (ie form fill or content view), and the SFDC side of it puts that Lead into the right Solutions Queue and triggers an email notification to the Sales owner. My question is.. IF that lead is also a lead for another Solution and another Sales person, HOW can Marketo and SFDC determine that and create multiple leads on the SFDC side but pulling all the same marketo activity into Sales Insight.