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    Marketo - SFDC - Multiple LOBs

    Ryan Parisi

      I have a new Marketo instance, and a new SFDC Lightening instance that are soon to be integrated. We have about 6 Lines of Business (Solutions) and a "Lead Queue" for each Solution within SFDC. At this time, solution is determined via data value change in Marketo when an action is taken (ie form fill or content view), and the SFDC side of it puts that Lead into the right Solutions Queue and triggers an email notification to the Sales owner. My question is.. IF that lead is also a lead for another Solution and another Sales person, HOW can Marketo and SFDC determine that and create multiple leads on the SFDC side but pulling all the same marketo activity into Sales Insight.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Ryan


          This is simply not feasible. MSI can only pull the data of 1 Marketo record. And a Marketo record can only be sync'ed be sync'ed with 1 SFDC record (lead or contact). The best you can expect it to be able to create multiple leads in SFDC, but either they will also be duplicates in Marketo and each of them will get a portion of the MSI activities, or you can hide some on the duplicate from Marketo with a Sync filter or some restrictive sharing rules, but in this case only the sync'ed record in SFDC will get the MSI info.


          May I comment on one thing about the process: having the same person been called multiple times by different sales person from the same company in a short period of time because they have shown multiple product interest is really a non customer-friendly way of doing business and a sure way to exasperate your prospects... I see many companies that are pushing their organizations issues down their customer interactions process while claiming to be customer centric.

          The most efficient organizations are turning towards a model where the various interaction are logged against the lead, and the sales rep in charge of the first qualification will have the responsibility to determine which of these product interest can really lead to some business and which are mere curiosity.



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            Ryan Parisi

            We discovered that we can accomplish this by having MSI write to the lead only if there is no contact and to the contact pushing to all leads created off that contact. By doing this we can create a contact person if there are multiple leads for 1 person and then the MSI writing to the contact is copied, all data to the leads off that contact person