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Editable Landing Pages for Non-designers/web coders

Question asked by c9f30735ab592bfe267777c0a42966bcd3ef5eaa on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by Dave Roberts

I'm trying to design/code a Landing Page in Marketo that is both responsive and has editable text fields in divs.


The page is kind of like a sports events Leaderboard with divs set up for names. Right now, I am the only one that can input/edit the names due to how it was designed/coded. Is there any way to possibly make each of the text areas inside the <divs> editable. I've tried the normal Marketo div codes, but when you double click on the code, it pulls up just the code. I'm not sure the rich text editor is the best way to go about this as we either need to use the divs or build this out of tables which I'm also not sure would be editable by a non-designer/coder.



Sam Bass