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    Do not track

    Jas Jones

      Hi all,


      I have a questionregarding do not track = support.


      If we create a link on our privacy like. connect.mycompany.com/test.html?marketo_opt_out=true

      Will it affect globally or just the landing page cliked with ?marketo_opt_out=true?


      And how about or non marketo page like mycompany.com




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          Sanford Whiteman

          The marketo_opt_out will be effective on all subdomains of your Munchkin domain (remember that if you're using a two-letter TLD like .io or .ly you must set the Munchkin domainLevel appropriately, or it will set cookies for the current domain only)


          It can't be effective outside of that domain because cookies are not accessible on other domains (this is a longstanding browser security rule).

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