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Person needs to go through engagement stream multiple times

Question asked by Cory Gabor on Mar 28, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2018 by Juli James

Good afternoon Marketo Members,


We have run into a unique situation recently. We are a mortgage company and run a post close campaign to all clients who close a loan with us. This is a 7-year, top-of-mind campaign.


Once someone comes back for a new loan, they are paused from the current engagement program as they go through the loan process.


Upon closing on their new loan, we want to run them through the same campaign again, starting at the top, but can't do this since a person can't receive the same email more than one time (on an engagement program).


What do you all recommend we do?




- Create a new engagement program with the same assets

- Is there a way to put them on the new engagement program instead of the original engagement program in the smart campaign? (If received X email in past or was a member of x nurture, add to x campaign)


Any ideas will be great!