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    Share program across workspaces?

    Niti Shah


      So we have a program that we want to run the EMEA workspace for a specific thought leadership. However, we ran another program for this thought leadership in our Default workspace which included the people in the EMEA database.

      So for this EMEA program, how do we exclude the people that were already part of the program that ran in the default workspace?  Here is the logic I have set up but I can’t reference the program that is in the default workspace. 

      Please share any thoughts or advice?


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          Dan Stevens.

          Since you cannot reference program membership across workspaces (as you pointed out), there are some alternatives that you can use.  But the easiest one would be to run a smart campaign in the original program to add those that are members of the program to a static list in the default partition.  Share that list to the other partition.  And then use a NOT MEMBER OF LIST filter.  One other assumption: all of those people on that list must be accessible within the other workspace/partition.