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Salesforce Custom Object Sync - 2 Levels Down

Question asked by Ben Neal on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by Nicole McQuade

I'm trying to sync a custom object in Salesforce to Marketo that has a custom junction/MtM object in between it and the Contact but the object isn't available in the list of objects to sync. The entity relationship looks like this: Contact < MtM__c > Membership__c. This can be read as as "a Contact can be associated to many Memberships and a Membership can be associated to many Contacts. Is this type of relationship supported in the Salesforce Custom Object sync?


I see the MtM object is available for syncing, but I would also expect to see the Membership object under that MtM object if supported. I believe permissions are configured correctly. Marketo has the disclaimer "Marketo only supports custom entities that are linked to standard entities one or two levels deep. " That statement isn't clear if a custom entity linked to another custom entity is supported.


Any thoughts? Do I have to use the non-Salesforce custom object to pull in this relationship?



Ben Neal