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    GDPR Preference form

    Gina Valenti

      Hi there,

      we have generated 2,000 Insurer Email addresses (from researching addresses over the internet- company
      websites and Linkedin, and within CRM etc.). Since starting our email engagement campaign we have always provided an opportunity for them to
      unsubscribe from our emails. 


      We are thinking now, in light of GDPR, should we add something specific to our emails that states, something along the lines of:

      ‘If you want to ensure that you keep informed about XXXXXXXXX / receive valuable content from us, make sure you OPT in to my communications below’. (rather than having unsubscribe- opt
      out – we are now asking them to opt in).

      We would then take them to a preference form. If we only get say 12 people filling in our form should we then delete the rest of our contacts? (who haven't responded?) we know from our campaigns we usually have around 15% open our content.



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Gina,


          When you start running these types of campaigns, the implicit meaning is indeed that, on May 25th, anyone who has not opt-in should be considered as opt-out.


          The fact that whether or not you can keep them from your database is a different story and will depends on many things: do you have contract with them ? Where do these data come from (your own forms, ? Your sales people meeting them face to face ? 3rd party data sources ?)



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            Josh Hill

            In addition to what Greg said:

            • All emails must have a footer allowing an Opt Out/Unsubscribe. So I while you could say that line, I would ADD it to all of your emails through May 24 to remind people to OPT IN or they will lose your valuable information. I suspect a regulator would not look kindly on you if that was the only line you had.
            • If you do not have explicit opt in from your readers, you will have to stop sending this email to them on May 25. (consult your lawyer about the details).