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    Tags not populated in programs table

    Sampada Desai



      I am new to Marketo and trying to extract Marketo data using the CDATA Marketo ODBC Driver. I am facing 2 issue with the tables.

      1) when I extract Leads table the Columns ProgramId and ListId have Null value. The Column description says "This is a filter column that does not contain data". I need this column to join Leads with Programs and List table.

      2) For Programs table TagType and TagValue columns are Null. If I see in actual Program Screen in Marketo I see Tags added for programs.


      Can someone help me how can I get values for these Columns?




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          Grégoire Michel

          The link between programs and leads can either be seenin the acquisition program field or in the Program member table that links leads and programs.


          With regards to the program tags, I am afraid you will have to see to it with the support of the driver vendor.



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              Sampada Desai

              Thanks for the response.


              I got in touch with the Driver Vendor and they said both of these restrictions are due to the limitations of Marketo API and there is nothing they can do. Here is the link provided from them for reference:


              Notice for the "by id" selection method you can get Tag and Cost data, whereas for the "browse" type of selection you will not receive any Tag or Cost data, which means for a bulk extract of Programs these will not be available.

              Is there any method to get the Tags Columns in a bulk extract?