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Best Practice for Changing Engagement Programs & Tracking

Question asked by Ben Cooper on Mar 22, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by J Grant Gray

I am building out three engagement programs according to our lifecycle for current customers. When a customer has hit the success metric in one engagement program, the customer needs to be moved over into another engagement program. Right now I have the following in a Smart Campaign to do this:


  1. Smart List = Data Value Changes (to certain threshold)
  2. Flow
    1. Change Program Status = New Status (new status is marked as success in the channel tag)
    2. Change Program Engagement Cadence = New Engagement Program


Is this the right way to move the customer into a new engagement program from another one? There isn't any reason for the user to go back into the older engagement program, so we don't need to pause them, basically get them out and into the new one.


I have also created a Person Report with different Smart Campaigns to change the data value of a customized field I built. Here is what it currently looks like when a customer changes engagement programs and we want to report that:

  1. Smart List = Engagement Program Changes (value = new campaign)
  2. Flow = Change Data Value Attribute to Attribute (custom field) and New Value to New program (channel I named)


Is it best to use Change Engagement Program Cadence or Added to Engagement Program to change the data value in the Smart Campaigns?