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Calling/Extracting/Mapping fields from Custom Objects (and Zoom)?

Question asked by 86e1da69ae79896003cb2f75972d9fa75c38c0b3 on Mar 23, 2018
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We are using Zoom as our webinar platform and want the user registration details to be automatically imported into Marketo. This is currently done via webhook and is working properly for the standard form fields: name, email, phone etc.


However, for a "custom question" in Zoom, both the question and the answer are stored as the field value. The Marketo custom object field value looks like this: [{"Qs":"Organization Type","Ans":"Health Plan"}]


In the example case above, I want to map only the answer "Health Plan" to an existing Marketo field "Organization Type".


If it's not possible to extract just the answer portion, I could still do something like a trigger campaign to set the value with an "If" condition on a Change Data Value action. (if field contains "Health Plan", change data value of Organization Type to "Health Plan")


How is it possible to work with a custom object field value?