Christina Lefebvre


Discussion created by Christina Lefebvre on Mar 22, 2018

Hello everyone! I have an exciting announcement. We have decided to create a group in LinkedIn for the MUG.

As some of you may know, I originally started the group on LinkedIn back in 2010. When the new Community platform was released, it gave us the opportunity to house the group here along side all the other Marketo resources (product docs, discussions, support, etc.). However, I have received feedback that it's much easier to connect, chat, collaborate and see announcements via LinkedIn. Another reason to move to LinkedIn is so we can include other marketing automation people in our local market who may no longer be specifically a Marketo customer, or who are thinking of becoming one, who want to connect with us Marketo-folk!


With Marketo's approval, I've created the following group: Twin Cities Marketo User Group - please join today! You may need to search the name in "Groups" because pasting the link here was giving me some trouble.


The Community will still be the main hub where MUG meeting registration lives, Marketo docs, support, etc.


Thank you!!!