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Hiding an Existing form field

Question asked by 5d15c21126f0fd98ff0daf9ec0befce36ff53834 on Jun 13, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2014 by 5d15c21126f0fd98ff0daf9ec0befce36ff53834
Is it possible, using Forms 2.0 to hide an field, so that we can use the value of the field to show a rich-text field if the value known of the user is a certain value? 

Example:  I want to hide the field for "Country", but when the user clicks on a link in the email (so user is known), the country filled stays hidden at all times, but the form pulls in the value for that user, and if Country=Canada then a rich-text box hidden in the form then shows with instructions?  So essentially the form knows the user is from Canada and then shows special instructions.  If user is from anywhere other than Canada, the rich-text box stays hidden.

Make sense? Clear as mud? :-)  Thanks for any help.