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Multi-campaign tracking

Question asked by Katie Roberts on Mar 20, 2018

Question for the team -


We have a campaign that has 3 landing pages -

LP 1- general landing page with a form

LP 2 - the "thank you" page with a link to download aPDF+ an on-demand webinar/youtube video + a 'form' for people to request a free consult.

LP 3 - thank you for requesting consult.

There are 2 forms, and 2 workflows for campaign tracking details.


We also use salesforce. The salesforce campaign is attached to the workflows so approrpriate credit is applied to campaign.


Here's where it gets tricky -


We have two business units - direct (B2B) and indirect (B2B2B/ B2B2C)

We track these leads/opportunities very differently and the leads are distributed to different teams.

Let's call the B2B2B partners. Their goal is to distribute our content/campaign to generate leads on their end to acquire new end users - could be B or C clients.


Back to the campaign -

We have to track the individual partner "lead" or "opportunity" for the campaign, and then distribute the information to the client for them to follow-up on.

To keep track of each partners' "leads" or "opportunities", I cloned each Marketo campaign/program within a project.


This is managable when there's only a few partners, but we have dozens+ partners who we need to track separtaely. (Let's not even discuss GDPR-related issues...)


This is a little different than channel attribution, but more on keeping the data separate.


Does anyone know of a better way to handle this so there's only one campaign/program for all partners and there's some magical hidden field that can be populated to sort the data?



(Not asking for a friend..)