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Drive smart campaigns on first click in a roundup email?

Question asked by Evan Kubitschek on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Grégoire Michel



I'm relatively new to Marketo's smart campaign functionality, and we're working through a training program roundup email backed by automated drip campaigns.


Here's the 1st email.


What I'd like to do is segment the recipients of this email by "Clicks Link in Email," based on just their first click.


Once they've clicked on one of our program links, they'd be entered into a smart campaign that's looking for that specific link click, driving a second email 5 days later:


email 1.jpg


The complicating factor is, I'd like to lock them out of all the other smart campaigns for the programs linked in the first email, once they've clicked that first link.


Right now my best guess solution is using a "Member of Smart Campaign" choice in the "Send Email" step that locks out every other program, so that the prospect would only receive one smart campaign at a time, based on the one they were entered into on the first click action in the email:


email 2.jpg


Is there a more elegant solution for achieving this that I'm missing? I'm familiar with simpler batch campaigns and easy triggers, but having to contend with only the first click on an email link driving a smart campaign, while locking them out of all other paths, is vexing me!