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token? velocity? I don't know what I want

Question asked by JD Nelson Champion on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by JD Nelson

I have a marketo landing page that serves as an LMS calendar. Classes come and go, and each time we add a block of classes I add some prepared html code and drop it in the page. I would LOVE to automate a way to hide the classes that have passed, by quickly updating a token or list of past classes (potentially updating a section of html div to display:none).


I tried some js that goes off internal clocks and hides by date, but that didn't seem to work right --


I was thinking of inserting a token in the div and updating it to "display:none" as needed, but marketo seems to strip out the token when I save it.


Maybe I need a velocity script to do this in a way I haven't thought of yet (I'm not familiar with Velocity use-cases)?

Maybe someone else has done something similar? Anyone want to point me to the right rabbit hole?