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Losing Information; Pre-fill Enabled Forms and Net New Email Addresses

Question asked by Abby Ryan Expert on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Abby Ryan

Hi All,


I'm hoping someone in the Community will have already figured out this issue with Pre-filled Forms / Munchkin Tracking / Net New Email Addresses.


Although it's a small problem, i'm finding that more people are following the below progression, and leaving us with missing information:


1. Known leads who are being tracked by the munchkin code come to a gated landing page with a progressive form set to enable the pre-fill. All they see is the email address field, which is already pre-filled with the cookie'd address.

2. The lead then changes the email address to a new value, and because the form doesn't register that this is a new lead record, none of the other required fields pop up.

3. The lead submits and we then have a net new lead record with only email address as a value. It cannot be processed properly, nor synced to SFDC based on our rules.


As I said, this is a fairly small-scale issue, but I'd love any advice on ways around this.


Thanks in advance!