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Marketo form, Marketo landing page - need form fill info in salesforce

Question asked by 4c88872fc8653d5f3a370cd3cf1622df277012ca on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Steven Vanderberg


We have a specific Marketo form with Marketo landing page.  When a lead fill out this form, we need that form fill information to show up on lead description in salesforce.  Specifically,  we have these 3 fields (project stage, compliance needs, timeframe and number of databases) for which when a lead fills out a the info, we need to sync back to salesforce, specifically on lead description. 

This is a Marketo form and the 3 fields highlighted in yellow only exist in Marketo and they are not created in salesforce.  Is there anyway to get the form fill information to show up in lead description field (a text field on lead object) in Salesforce? 

Also, I have also created tokens for these fields and tried using them in  "create tasks", so the form fill information shows in the SFDC tasks. It doesn’t seem to be working. Does anyone have any thoughts? 

Here is screenshot of the form as well as the tokens I tried creating.


Project Stage: {{Lead.Project Stage}}, Compliance Needs: {{Lead.Compliance Needs}}, Timeframe:{{Lead.Timeline}}, Number of Databases:{{Lead.Number of Databases}}