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    Email Script will not display value in link

    Ed Rayyis



      I have the following simple logic for an email script {{my.cOwner}}


      #set($CO = "")

      #if(${lead.ContactOwner} == "Ed Rayyis")

      #set($CO = "&contactSegment=data")




      in my email HTML I have the following link:

      <a href=http://www.rayyis.com?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign={{my.utm_campaign}}{{my.cOwner}}" target="_blank">


      problem is the logic works but values do not get passed in the link. if I simply add {{my.cOwner}} token in my email anywhere I see all values populate correct, if I click the link, all values are displayed in the link except for the scripted {{my.cOwner}} part. If on the other hand I click view email in browser, the link displays correctly with the correct value based on the logic. Any one came across such a problem and found a fix or work around?