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    Alert for high unsubscribes after email send

    Simone Toit

      Hey all,


      Hoping someone will be able to help. I have had a request to the business to alert our database Admin when unsubscribes exceed a defined number for an email send.


      Has anyone set up a Smart list subscription like this and is it possible?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Not sure if you want a count as opposed to a percentage.


          If it's a static count, there's no built-in alert, but you could send a SL of Unsubscribe activities, that someone totals up when they get it (i.e. it's always sent out, and the recipient groups-by-email manually). Or you could use a webhook to count on-the-fly and send an alert immediately.


          If it's a percentage, you could only use a webhook, since you'd need to know the when something crossed the percentage of logged sends. But it's gonna call the 'hook for every single send, which isn't something you want to do w/high load. How many emails do you send per day?

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            Josh Hill

            I wouldn't recommend this. Just send an email perf report subscription to yourself and look at it.


            Unsubscribes tend to go up when you use purchased lists or email old leads.