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Webhook response and lead association / merge

Question asked by Yaron Meiner on Mar 19, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by Yaron Meiner

Hi all,

I am integrating Intercom with our systems. and i use webhooks to complete the data that SF gets from intercom by using a webhook and it works basically great buy one thing - Merging with the munchkin of the user.


Since the user is already traveling the site and using the chat in the site, it already has a munchkin id. I can send the munchkin id through intercom. What i am missing is how to map the munchkin id in a way that will merge the annonymous data with the current lead that was created by sf.


the sync looks like that website -> qualified lead in intercom -> sf -> marketo (by sf <-> marketo sync), webhook with email from intercom -> data is in marketo.


* Please avoid giving Zapier ideas, i do maintain my own api and trying to avoid the extra link in the chain.