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    If/then smart campaigns

      I have a guide series composed of 4 different guides/campaigns. Currently the flow is very linear, once a prospect downloads one guide they recieve the next until the have finished the series. What I am trying to do is a smart cop campaign that would determine if downloaded guide 3 first send guides 1,2, and 4 after. 

      The reason is that I would like to use any of the guides as the initial point of entry, allowing it to be more relevant based on the linking blog post. Any explicit ideas on how to accomplish this? Currently my plan is create 4 different flows with each guide as a start, but I was hoping there was a more intelligent way to get this done. 
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          Hi Jonathan,
          could you write more detailed what you want to happen after what kind of activity?

          I don't understand your case, but: Did you try Emails+Add Choice in the flow?

          Best regards

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            Ill be as detailed as I can. Prospects can subscribe to the guide series from our blog. currently my marketo flow goes like this:

            Landing Page
            Campaign guide 1
            Click Link to Download
            Wait 1 week
            If click send to Campaign guide 2
            in not, send reminder
            if click send to campaign guide 3
            if not, send reminder
            if click send to campaign guide 4
            if not, send reminder

            So the problem is that this is very linear. I would like to make a campaign so that the first guide for the prospect is any guide 1-4 based on what fits more with the blog post it is linked to. Then I want the program to send the remaining guides based on that first download. 

            Does that make sense? 
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              I know there are ways to get bits of what I want done. For example, if I didnt want to send the reminder emails I could do this as an engagement program, but I really want the 2 follow up emails that accompany each guide as a way to gauge interest.