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    GDPR: A Practical Guide for the Marketo Customer

    Ethan Warlick

      Attached is the Marketo eBook, "A Practical Guide for the Marketo Customer", that we discussed at last night's meeting. It does a good job breaking down the regulation, implications, and consent processes specific to Marketo. The scenario's also go over multiple builds to facilitate your organizations compliant data processing, including proper forms, deleting EU citizen's PII, and using Do Not Track Munchkin code.


      I've read through this a few times so let me know if you have any specific questions and I'll do my best to give more than the 'depends' answer that your legal team is giving you


      Also - here is the recording for the recent Perkuto webinar and Perkuto's GDPR Stack of Docs, which have some great content.

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          Carrie Chandler

          Thanks for this, Ethan. I wasn't at the recent meeting, but I'm curious if anyone here is strictly based in the U.S. (no business in the EU), and is still implementing some of these measures as a result of GDPR.

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              Ethan Warlick

              Hey Carrie -
              We're not in the exact same boat, but our company does a much smaller percentage of business in RoW than in the US. Most of the documents I've read/webinars I've attended point to GDPR influencing future regulations (ePrivacy), which has lead many businesses not doing business in the EU to adopt and implement action before May 25th. My company was acquired into a suite of brands recently, and there are brands that only do business in the states. Our over-arching company has designed a one-size-fits-all set of requirements for all brands (a completely different issue that I've been having a blast working through ), so those US-focused brands will need to be compliant but they are planning to integrate visibility rules into their forms and take other actions to not limit all of their campaigning efforts to such strict regulation.


              I hate to give the 'depends' answer, because that's been legal's favorite term lately, but that's just an example that I've heard of.