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2018 Summit Discount Code & MUG Contest

Question asked by Jenna Molby Expert on Mar 15, 2018

We have a discount code that will get you $350 off your ticket, when you use our MUG coupon code, Vancouver350.


Marketo has also announced a competition between MUGs. The top 3 MUGs will earn exclusive Summit swag!


What is this contest and when/where is it happening?

This contest is a way for MUGs to be engaged with Summit registration and Fearless 50 Marketers campaign. Submissions will be live from, March 13th, until Friday April 13th. This contest is open to all Marketo users who are members of an official Marketo User Group. Submissions will not be accepted from users who do not belong to the appropriate MUG.


How do I win?

There are two ways you, as a MUG member, can earn credit for our user group:

  1. Registering for Summit by using our MUG-specific discount code, Vancouver350
  2. Submitting a nomination for the Fearless 50 campaign and adding our MUG-specific hashtag, #vanmug, to it!


Submissions for contest credit will be counted starting, March 13, 2018. This does mean that if you have already registered for Summit, your registration will not count towards this contest, but the good news is that there is no limit to the number of Fearless 50 submissions you can enter! So, if you have already registered, we encourage you to complete a submission (or three) to the Fearless 50 form to rack up those contest points!