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How do you track which piece of content was requested when using a global form?

Question asked by 1703c911dd59ef983edce1020846865ea8828ec8 on May 28, 2014
Latest reply on May 29, 2014 by 1703c911dd59ef983edce1020846865ea8828ec8
Each piece of content available on our website has its own program that uses local assets with the exception of the form.  We use a global form. 

I would like to include in the sales alert emails that are triggered when someone fills out a form requesting a piece of content on our website the name of the piece of content that was requested.  This way the sales rep can see right away what the person is interested in.  Right now, they'd have to look at the MSI panel in SFDC to see what landing page the person visited to figure that out.

Is it possible to do this with our current set-up?  If so, how?  And if not, what do we need to change in our set-up to make this possible?