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Email Insights - How to Compare by Date Over Time?

Question asked by Cappy Popp on Mar 14, 2018

We export and save Email Insights to use in dashboards. The problem is that the engagement data changes depending upon the date range you select for the export.

For example, if I select yesterday as the date range in the Email Insights report (3/13/18) I see the following:


Opens: 310

Clicked Emails: 90


If I select 2 days as the date range, to include the day prior, (3/12/18 - 3/13/18) the data for 3/13/18 now shows:


Opens: 323

Clicked Emails: 92


It appears to depend upon the date range you select for the insights report instead of always showing the same data for a given date, which is what I thought this report would provide.


The issue is that Marketo only holds the last year's worth of data for day-level engagement metrics so we are trying to store them over time; however, if the metrics differ based on the date range I'm not sure this is possible. I assume Marketo shows engagement on all emails sent in the selected date range only, not all email engagement for the date range selected regardless of send date?


Could someone confirm and possibly offer a way to store engagement data offline by date - for ALL engagement ON each date, that doesn't change depending upon the date range selected (or not just for emails sent within the original date range requested)?