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    Send Alert on Email Deliverability

    Briana Gust

      Hi there–

      I'm trying to set up a smart campaign using the send alert functionality, basically to CC a user on the email I am sending for their notification that the email sent. I want the alert to be sent to a particular person when the email is delivered in general, not when it is delivered to all leads in my lead list. Is this possible? If so, can somebody please confirm that the smart list and flow would be this:


      - Email delivered -> Send Alert (enter email address)


      If not, what should I be doing instead?




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          Devraj Grewal



          Yes, the Send Alert functionality can be sent to the email address you indicate, but they will not be "cc'd", rather they would be sent another email asset entirely as the alert. but does this alert recipient need to be alerted every single time the email is delivered to a person?


          Make a note, that sometimes an email can both be delivered and then bounced. So if your intent is to record when an email is only delivered, then perhaps place a wait step in the flow to wait 5 minutes and to only send the alert if the email was not bounced.



          1. Wait 5 minutes

          2. Send Alert

               Choice 1: If Not Email Bounced is "Email Name"

               Default: Do Nothing

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              Briana Gust

              Hi Devraj!


              Thank you for your response. To answer your question, no the alert recipient does not need to be alerted every single time the email is delivered to each lead in our list. That is what I'm trying to avoid. Is there a better way to only send an alert to an alert recipient just once alerting them that the email was delivered in general? 




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              Sanford Whiteman

              Following on Devraj's note,if you mean one person in the send has a successful (seeming) delivery, that's going to be difficult because the alert SC will qualify the person(s) sent the email, not the person who receives the alert.


              In other words, even if you restrict the Smart Campaign to only qualifying someone once per day, that's still going to qualify every person in the send, so each one will trigger the alert. That's going to be overwhelming both on a technical level and a human level and surely not what you want.


              If all you really want is an email confirmation that a send went out "in general" then add a specific dummy lead to the seed list and then filter the SC to fire only for that lead. (Even so, triggering on Email Delivered is something I shy away from due to load.)

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