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    Bulk Export Activity API expected output

    Evanthika Amarasiri

      The question that I have is regarding the Get Export Activity File API functionality.


      Marketo API -  Bulk Export Activity API

      Resource -  Get Export Activity File  [GET /bulk/v1/activities/export/{exportId}/file.json]


      The implementation notes says ;


      Returns the file content of an export job. The export job must be in "Completed" state. Use Get Export Lead Job Status endpoint to retrieve status of export job.


      I found a job which is in Completed state and passed it on to this API but it did not return me any results. Could you kindly let me know;

      1. What actually should be returned as the response?

        Should it; 

      • Return a text response?
      • Return a file?
      • Return a JSON response?


      1. Right now I’m receiving a blank response with the following response headers and that’s it. Why isn't this scenario returning me any results and what sort of an invocation should I be doing in order to get a proper response?


      connection →keep-alive

      content-disposition →attachment; filename=file

      content-length →66

      content-type →text/csv

      date →Tue, 13 Mar 2018 00:42:37 GMT

      server →nginx


      Note: I’ve tried this out against the Marketo Sandbox environment where the REST API endpoint is https://743-YFC-765.mktorest.com/rest.

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          Sanford Whiteman

          The file endpoint is your CSV file (as should be clear from the headers). At 66 bytes it's probably just headers at best, though. Did you choose a date range in the future or far past by accident?

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              Evanthika Amarasiri

              Hi Sanford,


              Thanks a lot for the prompt response. So this is what I did.


              1. Get Paging token

              First I got a page token by calling the endpoint - /rest/v1/activities/pagingtoken.json


              2. Get Lead Activities

              Then I invoked the endpoint - /rest/v1/activities.json by passing the nextPageToken returned from the previous endpoint call along with the activityTypeIds.

              From this list, I was able to capture the dates that the activities have been created.


              3. Create Export Activity Job

              Endpoint called - /bulk/v1/activities/export/create.json

              Then I created a job for all the activityIds which I used to call the previous endpoint call along with the created date which I got by invoking the previous endpoint.

              I'm using the exportId which was generated for the job that I just created.


              4. Enqueue Export Activity Job

              Endpoint called - /bulk/v1/activities/export/${exportId}/enqueue.json


              5. Get Export Activity File

              Endpoint called - /bulk/v1/activities/export/${exportId}/file.json


              I waited until the job went from Created -> Enqueued -> Processing -> Completed


              Then called the endpoint and it returns only the following headers. The Body size in bytes value shows the size as 213 and looks like it's sending a blank file with new lines and that's the reason for the output I see.

              I tested this scenario with two different client tools and the results are the same. It's just returning a blank file with a bunch of new lines (\n).



              Thread Name: [Direct Invocation of Marketo API Backend] - Bulk Activity APIs 1-1

              Sample Start: 2018-03-14 13:07:14 AEDT

              Load time: 123

              Connect Time: 0

              Latency: 123

              Size in bytes: 401

              Headers size in bytes: 188

              Body size in bytes: 213

              Sample Count: 1

              Error Count: 0

              Data type ("text"|"bin"|""): text

              Response code: 200

              Response message: OK


              Response headers:

              HTTP/1.1 200 OK

              Server: nginx

              Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2018 02:07:14 GMT

              Content-Type: text/csv

              Content-Length: 213

              Connection: keep-alive

              Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=file


              HTTPSampleResult fields:

              ContentType: text/csv

              DataEncoding: null



              It would be great if you can verify what's causing this and whether you too can see the same behavior from your end as well?