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Bulk Export Activity API expected output

Question asked by Evanthika Amarasiri on Mar 13, 2018
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The question that I have is regarding the Get Export Activity File API functionality.


Marketo API -  Bulk Export Activity API

Resource -  Get Export Activity File  [GET /bulk/v1/activities/export/{exportId}/file.json]


The implementation notes says ;


Returns the file content of an export job. The export job must be in "Completed" state. Use Get Export Lead Job Status endpoint to retrieve status of export job.


I found a job which is in Completed state and passed it on to this API but it did not return me any results. Could you kindly let me know;

  1. What actually should be returned as the response?

  Should it; 

  • Return a text response?
  • Return a file?
  • Return a JSON response?


  1. Right now I’m receiving a blank response with the following response headers and that’s it. Why isn't this scenario returning me any results and what sort of an invocation should I be doing in order to get a proper response?


connection →keep-alive

content-disposition →attachment; filename=file

content-length →66

content-type →text/csv

date →Tue, 13 Mar 2018 00:42:37 GMT

server →nginx


Note: I’ve tried this out against the Marketo Sandbox environment where the REST API endpoint is