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Engagement Dynamic Trigger and Progressive Scoring

Question asked by Yun Bai on Mar 12, 2018
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Hi Community,


I am creating a Engagement program which including 5 emails will send every Wednesday. There are 5 different email programs created inside the Engagement program. There will be different score associate with each email, such as trial download, clicked link etc. One of the email example screenshot as below.


Program Logic SC:


My questions are regarding dynamic trigger and progressive scoring from the requirement.


Dynamically trigger emails based on engagement

  • If a user opens or clicks an email, send the next email from the nurture (next touch) the following day instead of waiting for the next week.
  • For all of those contacts who receive a touch but do not interact with it (do not open or click the email) the cadence must remain the same, and they should receive the next touch on the original schedule the following week.

Implement Progressive Scoring, if lead clicks any 2 emails from the program, automatically bump score up to 100


I am not sure how should I set up to achieve above goals. If you built the similar case before, can you please share some tips or potential solution with me?


Thanks in advance,