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    SFDC Sync: Holding back leads in status "Open" from syncing to SFDC

    Caitlin McCormick

      Hi all -


      What I'm looking to accomplish: A couple things. I want anyone who engages with marketing - fills out a form or is loaded into Marketo via list buy - to start with the status OPEN. Anyone with status OPEN is not synced to SFDC. Only once they are scored and their status updated to MQL should they sync.


      This sounds pretty standard, but my Marketo instance has been live for nearly six years and we currently sync all leads over to SFDC. I'm not sure where the best place to start is here or even what questions to ask. Where does the initial sync live?

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          Devraj Grewal



          For new leads created in Marketo from a form fill or list upload, there is no automatic sync to SFDC unless you create a flow step. This enables you to run a trigger campaign once the status changes to "Open" and then the flow step of "Sync Person to SFDC".


          However, for those people already created in SFDC, I would recommend keeping them there. You do have the option to delete people in SFDC and keep them in Marketo which you can always sync back to SFDC but you run the risk of losing a lot of SFDC reporting, membership, and activity data if you delete them from SFDC.

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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Catlin,



            i addition to Devraj's point, a few points:

            • There is a lot of value in pushing every lead to  SFDC and it is fact the recommended way. Amongst the benefits: possibility to avoid duplicate creation in SFDC, consistent reporting between Marketo and SFDC, etc... You just have to use lead queues as lead owners in SFDC to isolate the leads that are not mature enough for the sales to see them.
            • You can always set a validation rule in SFDC that forbids the creation of a lead when the status is Open. That will do the job
            • Open is not a good lead status. "Cold", "Engaged", "MQL" or "Call ready", etc... are better since they bear significance and indicate what's going on
            • Do not forget about contacts. They also should have a status, since their existence do not stop when they become customers.



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