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MSI Tabs not all populating

Question asked by Duane Kennerson on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2018 by Stephanie Sweetland

I've seen similar topics on this but not exactly what I'm experiencing so I'm starting a new thread.


We have MSI set up. Interesting moments, scoring and email all show up on pretty much a consistent basis.


However, web activity is very hit and miss. For the most part, this tab seems to never be populated or very limited even though I know there has been web activity. You can just look at the score tab and see things people scored on that included web activity. However, nothing in the web activity tab.


And then, there are the people that actually show web activity in the tab but it's very limited. It may show only one entry for a particular date but if you look at the activity in Marketo, there are several pages of web activity for different dates.


I saw some people said it may be buggy for different browsers but it's been consistently inconsistent for me. IE, Firefox, Chrome, all perform the same way. Frustrating. A valuable tool for sales agents but only if it works.


Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated. I guess a support ticket will be next but I'm sure they will not help troubleshoot the Salesforce side of it so I thought I would ask here first.