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Marketo and Salesforce mapping changes before initial sync

Question asked by Adam Wingate on Mar 13, 2018
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I am working on the initial setup of a new Marketo and Saleforce sync. I have not done the initial sync yet, because I am stuck on step 4 where you define the field mappings. When I was checking that the Marketo fields that I created in Salesforce were mapping correctly, I realized that one of my field API names had a typo and thus was not mapping correctly. I went back to our Salesforce development environment and fixed the name and made sure that the lead object was mapped to convert correctly to a contact. I asked the Salesforce admin to move this to the production instance (I don't have admin access to the production instance and therefore can't make changes or see API field names). Now when I have checked back in Marketo, there seems to be no change to the fields and the mapping is still wrong, even after I reset the schema. Does this mean that he didn't move the information to the production instance or are there other steps that I need to take in Marketo to fix this before doing my initial sync?


Thank you for any help that you can provide!