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E-mail Analytics - Click-Through Rate Calculation

Question asked by eabe6f3208b4a791007bf4a15f67af0b3b6bd400 on Sep 2, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2014 by 62729
My company made the switch to Marketo in July and after reviewing the e-mail results we noticed a few e-mails under-performing compared to historic rates (all-time lows).

It seems that Marketo reports CTR as the same way we have historically (unique clicks vs. delievered), however the numbers still seem to be slightly off for a few e-mails. Has anyone had any experience or thoughts as to what may becausing a drastic CTR difference (greater than 50% in these drastic cases)? I looked at specific link performance and the links appeared to be tracking properly - would there be any instance in which a click would not be tracked through Marketo?

EDIT: If anyone comes to this subject, I discovered the issue a few weeks after this post. The "view on web" link wasn't being tracked in Marketo but was being tracked in our old e-mail system. So we had a high number of users who would click on the "view on web" link in our old system and we would see that as a unique click - inflating our numbers vs. the marketo reported numbers.