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Refreshing GDPR consent via forms

Question asked by 9038ca2225580624cc841da923567f2cd7096cc0 on Mar 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by 9038ca2225580624cc841da923567f2cd7096cc0

First time poster. I'm hoping you can help.


I'm trying to build a global form that allows me to do a number of things:


Capture Consent DateTime when form is completed (hidden datetime field)

Capture Consent preference (GDPR)

Retain the Consent setting - changing the field to hidden - and then display the field again after GDPR consent has gone stale (12 months)


This all works for the first time through




I get stuck when it comes to the 12 month return.


I look for anyone with Consent over 12 months ago and run this campaign. I can confirm that this clears these values on the people record in Marketo.



When the same person hits the form again, the form will not re-calibrate despite these values being null. The result is that the "consent to process" options no longer appear while clicking the submit button writes another "Consent last updated" date.


I'm game for other methods of accomplishing the same task if anyone has ideas. Otherwise, is there anything obviously wrong about the way I'm going about this? I'd love any feedback.