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Velocity Loading with Duplicate Records

Question asked by Wyatt Bales on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Justin Cooperman

As we continue to try and roll out Related Contact functionality, we still have an issue with duplicates in Marketo--mostly leads and contacts with matching email addresses. Normally for basic batch campaigns this isn't a big concern (besides some attribution and reporting issues); however, for email scripting it's causing a bit of a headache.


Problem: Email scripts inconsistently load (in preview, sample, nor actual send) when there is more than one record in the database with a matching email address.


Possible Culprit: When Marketo tries to understand which record to qualify in a duplicate scenario, batch campaigns qualify the first created record while trigger campaigns qualify the last updated record. I believe Velocity pulls in the most recently updated record which if doesn't match with what the smart campaign brought in, the script won't load.


I understand there are multiple ways of ridding duplicates from Marketo but focusing on this issue, I'm trying to understand if there's anything which can be done inside the email script itself.


Curious how Sanford Whiteman or other savvy email scriptors compensate for duplicates while using email scripting.