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Some "Known User" leads not showing web page visit in Activity log

Question asked by Sheila Baker (247) on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Sanford Whiteman

An email is being sent out from Marketo with links to a landing page using a form with the "Known User" functionality turned on. In most cases when the person clicks the "View Now" we see the form fill as well as the landing page visit for the initial page and the follow-up thank you page in their Marketo Activity Log. However, in some cases, we only see the form fill and no landing page visits.


At first I was thinking they might have cookies turned off in their browser. However, I can see later instances for the same record where they go through the same process and the landing page activity is logged. The chances seem slim to me that the person would sometimes have cookies off but not always....


So I'm wondering, might there be a timing issue on the page? If the "View Now" is clicked before the page is fully loaded and munchkin runs, could that be the problem? It definitely looks like it only happens for leads that haven't already had any web activity tracking in their record. There are plenty of examples when it works as expected with logging of the web page visits some I don't think it's an entirely broken experience.


Here's an example page: Is it Okay to Ask if You're Talking to a Human or a Bot During a Customer Service Interaction?


Thanks for any insights,